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Stimulus Blog and Podcast

The big picture

Stimulus deconstructs strategies to live and practice medicine with intent so that we’re not wasting our time (in both work and life). Don’t just suck it up, think differently.

What you'll find inside

Strategies, tactics, habits, and mindsets for anti-burnout, getting home on time, communication, efficiency, leadership, and unsticking what's stuck.

this show is for you

If you are in healthcare, regardless of your job description or title, you get thrown into the fray with a basic set of medical skills. We receive little preparation, however, on how to thrive beyond managing disease or living up to the title on our ID badge.

Think about what spark motivated the decision for you to do what you do. Since making that decision, you’ve put too much into it to lose the calling and sense of purpose.  That spark is what drives this show.

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